In the fast-paced world of construction and interior design, efficiency, sustainability, and ease of installation are paramount considerations. Traditional flooring methods often involve the use of adhesives and time-consuming processes, but IOBAC is changing the game with its revolutionary Adhesive Free Flooring Technology. In this post, we’ll explore the innovative IOBAC adhesive-free installation system, its benefits, and why it’s becoming a preferred choice for architects, designers and contractors.

Understanding IOBAC Adhesive Free Floor Install Technology:

IOBAC’s technology enables adhesive-free installation of various flooring materials, including carpet tiles, +4mm luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), and woven vinyl tiles.

IOBAC Adhesive-free Flooring Installation Tabs were recently a double award-winner for sustainability and innovation at the Finishes & Interior Sector (FIS) awards.

The range consists of 2 products, both enabling floor coverings to be affixed securely throughout the life of the installation, yet cleanly and easily uplifted.

They are clever little squares, magnetic on one side and self-adhesive on the other, incorporating IOBAC’s patented Dual Grip technology which combines dry-tack adhesion with magnetism for phenomenal grab, even in high footfall areas.

  • IOBAC Tab-It® – double-sided dry-tack adhesive tabs for use on most other prepared sub-floors including non-metal raised access flooring (including calcium sulphate, aluminium and wood), concrete, wood, ceramic and vinyl sub-floors.

Using IOBAC tabs not only simplifies the installation process but also offers numerous advantages in terms of sustainability, flexibility, and durability.

IOBAC Adhesive Free Install Technology - Loughton Contracts

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Easy Installation: IOBAC Mag Tab installation is remarkably straightforward and efficient. Installers simply lay the magnetic tabs on the subfloor and place the flooring material on top. The magnetic attraction ensures a snug fit, resulting in a seamless and professional finish.
  • No Messy Adhesives: Say goodbye to messy adhesives and solvent-based glues. With IOBAC Adhesive Free technology, there’s no need for adhesives, reducing installation time, minimising waste, and eliminating harmful VOC emissions.
  • Circularity: Floor coverings installed using wet applied adhesives can be difficult to reuse or recycle on uplift due to contamination from adhesives. This results in flooring being sent for incineration or landfill, and significant rectification work to the sub-floor before the next installation. These reversible fixing mechanisms give flooring a second life, vastly improving flooring circularity and making flooring manufacturers’ take-back schemes easier to implement.
  • Protected Assets: Building assets such as raised access flooring and concrete subfloors are protected from damage, with the additional embodied carbon associated with new materials avoided.
  • Enhanced Sustainability: By eliminating adhesives and promoting reusability, IOBAC adhesive-free installation contributes to sustainability efforts within the construction industry. It minimises environmental impact, reduces landfill waste, and supports environmental certifications such as BREEAM and SKA rating.
  • Flexible Designs: IOBAC Tabs are a universal fixing system meaning adhesive-free design is not limited to a particular flooring type or brand. The tabs have been used and/or approved by leading flooring manufacturers including Shaw Contract EMEA, Milliken, Forbo, Tarkett, Desso, Balsan, Bolon, Ege Carpets, Bloq, Ntgrate, Burmatex, Interface and ntgrate.And in a first for the industry, Shaw Contract EMEA have gone one step further by offering a 15-year warranty for its carpet tiles when installed using IOBAC, including the re-installation of the tiles in a second location.  This means that after inspection and approval by Shaw Contract, flooring can be moved to different location in the knowledge that they continue under warranty greater supporting reuse and circularity.

Applications Across Industries:

  • Commercial Spaces: From corporate offices and retail outlets to hospitality venues and healthcare facilities, IOBAC Mag Tab technology offers a versatile flooring solution for commercial environments. The quick and clean installation process minimises downtime and disruption, allowing businesses to maintain operations without compromise.

IOBAC Mag Tab Technology - Loughton Contracts

IOBAC’s Adhesive Free Technology represents a significant advancement in flooring installation, offering a sustainable, efficient, and versatile solution for diverse applications. By eliminating the need for adhesives, IOBAC is revolutionising the way flooring is installed, setting new standards for convenience, sustainability, and performance. Whether you’re a designer, architect or construction professional embarking on a new project, IOBAC Tab technology promises to simplify the installation process and elevate the aesthetics and functionality of any space.

Loughton Contracts have installed thousands of m2 of floor finishes using the IOBAC adhesive free systems. If you would like more information about how this type of installation can help your project please get in touch here.