Experience and understanding

Thirty years is a long time to be dedicated to flooring. You discover what works and what doesn’t. You realise it’s as much about how you cooperate with other people, as it is about what you supply and fit. You learn how important it is to build strong relationships with flooring manufacturers, and liaise early with them on new projects. You understand the importance of working as part of a project team with other subcontractors.

A huge amount of the expertise we’ve gained over our three decades of delivering major flooring projects is distilled into our ISO management systems. We follow them rigorously to make every project a complete success. They help us make sure that nothing gets missed, and that things are as easy as possible for the people we work for.

But we keep on learning too, after every major project, we ask ourselves difficult questions. What were the problems? How did we solve them? What lessons can we learn? How can we be even better next time?