Raised Access Flooring

Loughton Contracts can not only install beautiful finished floors, but using our in-house specialist installers, we can supply and install all types of commercial Raised Access Flooring.

Raised Access Flooring - Loughton Contracts - Flooring London

Raised Access Flooring is an elevated floor system used in buildings to create a space between the structural slab and the finished floor surface. This raised space provides room for various infrastructure components such as electrical wiring, data cabling, ducting and plumbing. The primary purpose of a raised access flooring system is to facilitate easy access to these services for maintenance or alterations without disrupting the buildings infrastructure or interior layout.


“Loughton Contracts can provide comprehensive turnkey flooring solutions from concrete slab to finished flooring.”


With our skilled installation teams, we are able to supply and install the following Raised Access Flooring systems:

  • Raised Access Flooring
  • Acoustic Flooring
  • Data Centre Flooring
  • Comms Room Flooring
  • GIFA Flooring


With our raised access flooring systems, we offer unparalleled precision and accuracy in servicing each floor interface, down to the millimetre. By strategically dropping levels in specific areas, to suit floor finish build ups, we can reduce the need for ramps and trims, ensuring that every aspect of your building’s infrastructure is meticulously addressed ahead of time. This level of precision not only guarantees optimal functionality but also streamlines installation and maintenance processes, saving you time and resources. With our flooring solutions, you can trust that every detail is handled with the utmost care and precision, providing peace of mind and reliability for your project.

If you have a project requirement or would like to know more about our Raised Access Flooring solutions please get in touch by clicking here.