Overbury Quiz Night - Loughton Contracts - Fit Out

Loughton Contracts had the privilege of participating in the recent Overbury Charity Quiz Night, an event that not only tested the teams trivia skills but also showcased the power and generosity of the construction industry. Held with the noble aim of supporting charitable causes, the evening turned out to be a resounding success, raising over £250,000!

The atmosphere at the Overbury Charity Quiz Night was nothing short of electric. As teams from various companies and organisations from the Construction Industry gathered, there was a palpable sense of camaraderie and excitement. Laughter and friendly banter filled the air as participants geared up for an evening of intellectual challenges and fundraising. Loughton Contracts was proud to field a team of enthusiastic participants from our Fit-Out Division, eager to showcase our knowledge and, more importantly, contribute to the worthy cause. Our team members brought a diverse range of expertise to the table, from pop culture aficionados to history buffs, ensuring we were well-prepared for any quiz category that came our way.

Overbury Quiz Night - Loughton Contracts

Beyond the thrill of the competition, what truly made the evening special was the opportunity to give back to the community. Knowing that our participation was directly contributing to charitable causes added an extra layer of meaning to the event. Seeing the incredible amount raised – £267,456 – was a testament to the collective impact that can be achieved when individuals and organisations come together for a common purpose. The evening was topped off by special guest appearances from England Rugby legends Mike Tindall and Lawrence Dallaglio who have previously attended the event.


Overbury Charity Quiz - Loughton Contracts - Mike Tindal - Lawrence Dallaglio


Big congratulations must go to Richard Goddard, David Duffy and the Overbury Quiz Team for arranging such a fantastic night! Loughton Contracts is honoured to have been a part of this incredible event and looks forward to continuing our support for The Overbury Quiz Night and their charitable initiatives in the future. As we reflect on the evening, we are reminded that when we join forces, the construction industry has the power to make a real and lasting impact on the lives of others.