Main Contractors

We’re the largest UK account for many of the leading flooring manufacturers

We’ve never missed a project deadline for over thirty years

You’re under constant pressure to bring large and complex programmes in on time and budget. You may need to value engineer aspects of the project. You want sub-contractors with the flexibility, experience and the resources to make sure even the most difficult projects run smoothly and with minimum fuss. You’re looking for people who bring you new ideas, take safe working as seriously as you do, and enhance your environmental performance.

That’s us. We’ve built strong and long-standing relationships with main contractors by delivering all this and more, time after time over the past thirty years, on many of the largest, most complex and prestigious flooring contracts. We can advise on anything from budgets and product options to BREEAM rating and end of life planning. We use our huge buying power as the largest UK account for many of the leading flooring manufacturers. We call on our large, flexible pool of labour and work to ISO9001 and ISO14001 management standards to make sure we never miss a project deadline. And we never have – for over thirty years.

Corporate Clients

Our ISO9001 and ISO14001 systems mean we deliver projects on time and budget

We can maintain, clean and adapt your flooring in any way you need

You want to see your brand brought beautifully to life through your architect’s vision. You need the flooring work to be done with minimal disruption – especially if your building is occupied. You care about your reputation for environmental performance and corporate social responsibility. And you want the best possible return from your investment in flooring. So you need people who will stay with you and help you maintain your flooring in great condition, long after the initial project.

That’s us. We often start by giving impartial budget, product, and technical advice – including manufacturers’ environmental claims – to the architects and contractors we work for. We can take care of any size of project using any type of flooring. We keep any disturbance to a minimum through our furniture lifting service at weekends and in the evenings. Our ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited management systems ensure we deliver projects on time and budget – as we’ve done for over thirty years. And we offer corporate clients our unique Loughton Direct service – which is basically an online O&M service with a purchasing facility for spares and ancillary items. We can also maintain, clean and adapt your flooring in any way you need.


Not all technical advice is genuinely objective. Ours is.

Think of us as your one stop shop and independent expert advice centre

You want to create something distinctive and special. You understand the importance of flooring in helping to achieve your vision and bring it beautifully to life. You appreciate independent, impartial advice on different types of flooring. You want to use environmentally friendly products – but it’s not always easy to tell the true claims from the greenwash. You may not be a world expert on flooring, so you need people who are.

That’s us. We’d like you to think of us as your one stop shop and independent expert advice centre for every type of floor finish – from broadloom to carpet tiles, timber, stone, ceramics and resilient. You can count on our genuinely objective technical advice to be fully sure that your specification will work in practice – including small adaptations or vital details like transition trims. We can liaise with manufacturers on your behalf and get your samples. We can save you time.