Ensure Perfect Floors with Loughton’s Expert Surveying Services

At Loughton Contracts, we understand that a flawless floor starts with precise measurements. Our professional surveying services for construction sites guarantee that your flooring installation is based on accurate data, ensuring a smooth, level, and durable finish.

Why Choose Our Surveying Services?

  • High Accuracy: Utilising state-of-the-art technology, we deliver millimetre precision in all our surveys.
  • Efficiency: Our streamlined process minimises downtime, allowing your project to stay on schedule.
  • Detailed Reports: Receive comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports and data that you can rely on.
  • Experienced Team: Our skilled surveyors are trained to handle the complexities of any construction site, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Our Services Include:

  • Site Measurement: Accurate measurement of your construction site to prepare for flooring installation.
  • Levelling Analysis: Detailed analysis of the site’s levelling to ensure a perfect base for your flooring.
  • Data Processing: Advanced data processing to provide precise and actionable insights.
  • Customised Solutions: Tailored surveying solutions to meet the specific needs of your project.


How We Work

  1. Initial Consultation: We assess your project’s requirements and provide a detailed plan.
  2. Site Survey: Our team conducts an on-site survey using cutting-edge equipment.
  3. Data Analysis: We process and analyse the collected data to ensure the highest accuracy.
  4. Reporting: Receive a thorough report with all the necessary details for your flooring installation.


Ready to lay the groundwork for perfect floors? Contact our team today to schedule your survey and ensure the success of your flooring project.


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