Linoleum has always been a very popular choice in both commercial and residential environments. Being a very natural product, Linoleum or Lino as it is often known, has many benefits and offers both durability and affordability. It is an extremely versatile floor covering that is also easy to maintain.

Loughton Contracts have teams of experienced Lino installers who specialise in the installation of this product. Over the years we have installed thousands of m2 to the highest quality on prestigious projects across the UK .

Because Lino is a natural product our experienced install teams will ensure that the site conditions of your project are exactly right before fitting your flooring. Our pre-install surveys are all documented with the project team, along with advice on obtaining the correct conditions.

Linoleum also offers a great degree of flexibility when cleaning and maintaining the floor surface. Its natural finish, containing linseed oil, allows the floors surface to be regularly maintained and protected.

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